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vueling ads [Mar. 5th, 2009|01:33 am]
So Vueling is a budget airline based in Barcelona, so there are lots of deals for flights out of here. I fly with them occasionally, and they send me notices. I somehow love their ads, kind of a silly mix (like their name) between Spanish and English language:

Also, I like this italian coffee ad... I had no idea reading the Aeneid would actually pay off (that and a Mountain Goats Song
"Up the Wolves" spotify link that I discovered today on Spotify).
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rearrival [Jan. 22nd, 2009|01:08 am]
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musical xmas gift
Originally uploaded by ravelite
So, I'm back. I finally uploaded the long photo of my parents' proudest xmas present to me.

Other stuff that's going on:

1. started going to physical therapy every morning. Jordi and I bend my finger a bit more each day. In the mean time I cover myself in wax and beam square waves at it in hopes that good vibes are synonymous with odd harmonics (1Mhz, 2:9 duty cycle).

2. football with proper shoes is nice... I don't slip as much on the turf and seem to have more control of the pelota

3. livecoding gig this weekend!??? kind of sudden

4. in the name of freesound and hellagems, I jumped in the winter sea and fished for sounds

4. joined a local chamber choir, we are doing some Catalan songs by Toldrà and Blancafort as well as epitaphs from Don Quijote by Halffter (performance of the piece from a group in Brasil):

from ediciones bilingues:
Reposa aquí Dulcinea;
y, aunque de carnes rolliza,
la volvió en polvo y ceniza
la muerte espantable y fea.
Fue de castiza ralea,
y tuvo asomos de dama;
del gran Quijote fue llama,
y fue gloria de su aldea.
Here Dulcinea lies.
Plump was she and robust:
Now she is ashes and dust:
The end of all flesh that dies.
A lady of high degree,
With the port of a lofty dame,
And the great Don Quixote's flame,
And the pride of her village was she.

Life is exciting (purposefully trying to keep myself busy and engaged) and I'm remembering little details about my life that I forgot in the warm dream of GA. But it reminded me of exactly what I missed and was giving up to be here. Thanks for spending time and doing things with me, it was better than I hoped for and will remember it always. The life I'm building here shall be imagined too of rhapsodies and echoes of those times that we forged in that once lonely city.

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Going to GA [Dec. 12th, 2008|03:44 am]
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Over 17th St Bridge
Originally uploaded by ravelite
To interested readers:

I'm coming back to GA this Saturday. After taking a few days to rest in Athens with family, I can hopefully figure out better organized plans for seeing everybody in Atlanta and do cool stuff! (and there is likely crash space in Athens if this interests you) I'll be on the continent through early Jan. Any ideas?

Soon! my friends, os echo de menos

(new hellagems post, hellagems about)

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a patriot confronts the specter of socialized health care [Nov. 7th, 2008|03:25 am]

Pinky xray
Originally uploaded by ravelite
Felicia is a short middle-aged auburn-haired woman stationing one of the two appointment stations at the entrance. There is a (quien es el ultimo)-style Spanish queue of about 12. The line wraps and curves at 9AM, but we're standing, and things don't take long.

I ask two things. To sign up for a health card, and I'd to see a doctor for my finger if possible. "We should sign you up first. Papers?" I show her my student residents' card, certificate of residence, and a receipt from social security. After some work with the computer she asks me if it is an urgency. I tell her about the accident. She asks me if I would like a doctor that can speak more English, but in the moment I decline. Let's see how this goes. Elevator to the third floor, a ten minute sit-down and someone calls my name.

Dra. Gonzales, "Tell me." My story of stopping the ball with open hands and goalie and subsequent dis- and relocation on-field by my soccer mates. "It was Monday two days ago?" No, last week (shameful). She makes a comment to Dra. Marti and tells me it's capsulitis. Capsulitis? She replies, an inflammation of the joint. They stabilize the finger with tape and a brace to remain the next 10 days; I am prescribed ibuprofen to counteract the inflammation and told to schedule an x-ray. At the front desk they tell me to come back the next day at 1330 (before lunch). I make it back to the Train Station by 1030 which is teaching time.

Earlier this week I didn't know if I'd have coverage. Two separate officials responsible for advising me told me no. Spent the week worrying. But two close friends told me yes... and where to go. After some research I was able to confirm for myself. The health administration for our state, CatSalut offers coverage to all legal residents. As I work and pay my taxes and generally try to be an ok dude, I feel OK about this. When my doubts are at last cleared, I start to feel a little more welcomed by this society; to look out for a foreigner as one of their own (in at least this aspect) seems strangely civil.

This morning I show up on time to Radiology. It goes quickly and Dr. Oliver checks out the x-ray for a few seconds and says everything is fine. They even let me keep it, it will go on my wall as a strange representational art print and reminder.
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el peor dia de mi vida [Oct. 31st, 2008|01:43 am]

The musician sampled this today, a classic. (adding it because I haven't yet)
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first paragraph of Mendoza´s La Ciudad de los Prodigios [Oct. 11th, 2008|03:31 am]
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El rio LLobregat
Originally uploaded by falconetti2007
The year in which Onofre Bouvila arrived in Barcelona the city was in a fever of renovation. This city is situated in a valley that leaves the coastal mountain range withdrawn a little toward the interior, between Malgrat (Despite) and Garraf (Carafe), such that in this manner it forms a kind of amphitheater. There the climate is tempered and without extremes: the skies are usually clear and bright; the clouds, few, and yet white clouds; the atmospheric pressure is stable; the rain, scarse, but treacherous and torrential at times. Though debated by some, the dominant opinion attributes its foundation first and second to the Phoenicians. At least we know that it entered its history as a colony of Carthage, in turn allied with Sidon and Tirol. It is proved that Hannibal's elephants stopped to drink and mingle in the rivers of Besos and Llobregat in the road to the Alps, where the cold and unfortunate terrain decimated them. The first barceloneses were struck marvelled at the sight of those animals. Had to see those tusks, what ears!, what trunks or noses, they said. moreCollapse )
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weekend and further wanderings into local religious practice [Sep. 30th, 2008|02:50 am]
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This weekend I participated in a sound free improvisation workshop at hangar.org, hosted a new master student, went to see Dmitry of MTG (and of disconinjas.net) do a chiptunes DJ set, and watched my neighbors celebrate the last days of la Mercè with more bingo, more drinking, and more karaoke. The workshop was excellent, with our teacher A. Costa Monteiro challenging each of us (performing on guitar and bass elements, walkie-talkies, toy keyboards, contact mics and springs, pencils, and laptops) until the end.

Here are some of the points he made (through exercises, sorry if these seem trite, it is only my attempt to summarize them):
  • take time to explore the sound by approaching you
  • when you can make a complex sound with many elements, it may be better to make a simple, one "note" sound instead
  • throw away your technique and approach the instrument by other avenues. for me it was specifically hard, he kept asking me to make it not sound like a computer. what I ended up with were a few simple techniques to extend the sound of the laptop, like miking the fan, with feedback, and alternating between playing it to PA and through the onboard speakers miked or not miked to the PA.
  • intention, such as strong and resolute entry and exits
  • discussion of ways to agree or to disrupt the other players
  • how you can create a positive situation by getting together good people
Today I took a few more steps to join the local cult. As you might know, on Wednesday I play a pickup soccer game at a small clay court with a ragtag group of nerdy types. One of us found out there was an opening at the big turf field near where I live and invited me and now I am sort of signed up to play every week on an awesome field with a bunch of Catalan soccer dads.
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my summer vacation, part 1 [Sep. 23rd, 2008|02:07 am]
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Blue eyeball explosion tile Perhaps it is best to start in Porto in July; visiting the lovely Joana, who before was in BCN working on a VJ/visual tool for the reactable. The stay consisted of: meeting new people, her colleagues and friends; trying new foods such as Francesinha, two kinds of codfish (com broa and something resembling Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá), and the delicious Pasteis de Nata; running on the Cheese Castle beach and watching the sun sink into the Atlantic; as well as just getting a feel for place, checking out the tilework that is the custom and otherwise neat places. City sounds were much different than Barcelona, at the flat the predominant sounds were the seagulls as opposed to city traffic here near Metro Marina. (porto photos).

SpeakersNot that June in BCN was bad, I just needed a break to see it as it was. Making a bit contibution to the inaugural ESMUC Laptop Orchestra concert (photos and videos) and continuing to participate in the open mic series helped keep me sane. Besides that I participated in a few picnics and even made an appearance at the beach as well as attending my first SONAR festival.

When I got back there were a few more bbqs and a graffiti expedition, but you should already know about that. May tomorrow bring me enough wit to finish the story, as I far prefer Fall as you might already know.
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la Mercè [Sep. 22nd, 2008|03:13 am]
These weeks find the Barcelona city festival of la Mercè. Yesterday my friends and I ran into a Correfoc. My street seems to be themed for old people and infants. Tonight they were making cremats and singing Havaneres past midnight...
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Sapir-Whorf corner / autumn rabbit / previews of foreign sweets [Sep. 16th, 2008|01:39 am]

Sapir-Whorf corner
one-word words not shared between languages

to lock - cerrar con llave - tancar amb clau
jamás - jamai - almost, perhaps we must count the hopelessly obscure nevermore
anguriñas - processed fish supermarket product in the form of noodles, possibly made from Surumi

Partial Review of Del Mercat a la taula / From Market to the Table

The province of Barcelona public markets have published a small booklet of 120 recipes resulting from a recent contest. The book is well designed, has appealing photos, and covers a wide range of regional food. They also have published the project on an adjunct website, these dictionaries might be good references: GDLC and Diccionaris.net. On Saturday a friend and I cooked Autumn Rabbit for lunch; it was rich and satisfying.

rabbit recipeCollapse )

PReviews of Foreign Sweets

Bassetts Allsorts + Fabulously Fruity
Finnish Salmiaki - Lumipantteri Mix (Finnish for "snow panther") - Generic-brand fruit-salmiak hybrid - Katjes Little Harmonies
Jelly Babies
Cadbury Dairy Milk
Ice cream with Tar syrup
McVitie's Biscuits - Rich Tea - Fruit Shortbread
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